The Silberheim Memories

The best entry into the world of Silberheim is our novel "Daemonion", which is the first book of the series "The Silberheim Memories". Currently, the novel is only available as an e-book, but we are working on a new edition in paperback. We hope you enjoy the book and find your way to Silberheim! Note: Currently only available in German.

Kindle eBook
Daemonion Cover
Cover by Bente Schlick

Content Daemonion

Deep in the twilight forest, where the Fenn people live in seclusion, they want nothing to do with magic, foreign peoples or even the wars of bygone eras. The tall Fenn are defensible, but suspicious and shy. They care only for their own interests and persistently deny the existence of all earthly dangers. But the world has not forgotten the Fenn, as friends Miko, Dina and Fesk must painfully learn when they stumble into an adventure completely unprepared. The events they inadvertently set in motion will put their beliefs and abilities to the test.

Podcast about the book

To give you an insight into the ideas and background of the novel, we recorded a podcast some time ago. It is recommended to listen to the podcast only after reading the book. Danger of spoilers! Note: Currently only available in German.