New Silberheim Website

GAME, LORE25.08.2023

New Silberheim Website

We have created a new website for our fantasy world "Silberheim". Here you can find out what it's all about!

Reason for the relaunch

So far we have presented the Silberheim content on a Wordpress site. But as much as Wordpress is suitable for the website of a hobby project, it is not suitable for professional applications. It needs open, secure and modern technologies to offer the range of services we will develop in the future. After all, the Silberheim website will later also be used to manage player accounts. Our players will be able to manage their settings, achievements and friend groups there. In addition, all content from Silberheim will be available there, i.e. novels, short stories, artwork, music and videos - depending on the progress of the game, players will see more or less of it.

To lay a sustainable technical foundation for these goals, we decided to use the CMS Strapi and Next.js. Strapi is a content management system that provides content via an interface to which any conceivable technical application can be connected (initially the frontend of this new website). Moreover, Strapi is open source and easily customizable to individual needs, even in the backend. Next.js is a modern web development framework that can be used to provide content both dynamically and statically. Static websites are good if you want to display the same things to every user. The content is then stored as already generated HTML on the web server and has low loading times. But for user-specific application purposes (e.g., individualized content), you need dynamic delivery of the data, which Next.js also provides. So we chose technologies that allow us to connect our different IT systems well. This way, our players will also see said game achievements in their account on this website.

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The old wordpress site

Discarded content

As visitors to the old website may have noticed, the old content has been significantly reduced. We used to have about twenty blog posts, but now there are only four. This is because much of the content was from the early days and was either outdated or no longer met our quality standards. We are currently in the process of reworking all the old content and then gradually republishing it in uniform quality. In the case of the lore content, we are paying particular attention to ensuring that everything is free of contradictions in order to build a coherent fantasy world. For this goal, we have internally developed a quite powerful database application that serves as our "single source of truth". Only when content has made it into it is it suitable for publication again.

New design

If you're already breaking away from Wordpress, then of course you're also breaking away from purchased templates. We are currently working on a comprehensive branding for Silberheim, which will soon show up in the social media channels, our book covers as well as the UI of the game "Silberheim ECG". The first step for this new branding was the design of the new website (including the new logo). The design is meant to make Silberheim unique and specifically focuses on associations that are related to the later game content. You can find out for yourself what this means at the end of 2025. By the way, the design was largely created by Zongi, for which we would like to thank her!

Final words

For the time being, we will focus on the completion of the game again. From time to time there will be new content or some updates here on the website with insight into our work. We really hope that you like the new website and that you will come back from time to time. On top of that, it's worth subscribing to our social media channels, because there will be some new and exciting content there soon, too!

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