Silent huntress


Silent huntress

In this post we want to give some insight into the development work of artworks. Together with Cristiana Leone we have developed the "Silent Huntress".

About the motif

It's time to let you take a look at our internal processes again. Thanks to the support of "Medienförderung RLP", we are currently working with a variety of artists on the illustrations of some playing cards that will be used in our first tutorial. The tutorial will be set in the Twilight Forest and will therefore contain cards of Fenn from the different regions.

The illustration we're talking about today shows a young Fenn huntress, presumably from the Valley of the Sink. The game card for this will be called "Silent Huntress". This young woman often spends many days alone in the forest scouting the area, killing game and gathering herbs. The clothes on this picture give us an idea of how long she must have been on the road this time. In our tutorial, she suddenly and unexpectedly appears for support. At first, the other Fenn aren't sure if the huntress understands them at all, because she doesn't say a word. But shortly after, she promptly follows the instructions, pulls out her bow and gets ready for battle.

The artwork

For the realization of this artwork we turned to Cristiana Leone, who has a lot of experience with illustrating fantasy characters. It was our first collaboration, but it just went like clockwork. Cristiana provided us with a sketch that was perfect from the first cast. The rest of the process went smoothly as well, without us having any requests for changes. Cristiana had perfectly empathized with the role of the Silent Huntress and had obviously spent a few days in the depths of the Twilight Forest herself. The finished work is something to behold. It shows the young Fenn exactly as we imagine her.

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About the artist

Cristiana Leone was born in Civitavecchia in the 1980s. She has been passionate about drawing since childhood, but studying humanities and working as a secretary kept her away from her passion for a long time. At the age of 27 she decided to devote herself to art again and, as a self-taught artist, tried to learn as much as possible and cultivate her passion. In the following years she started her first collaborations in the artistic field until 2012, when she quit her job as a secretary to dedicate herself fully to art. She currently works as a freelance illustrator for both private clients and various publishers. Besides drawing, she loves to cook, read, travel, play video games and spend a lot of time with her family.

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